Silkie Bantams

Raising and Exhibiting Silkie Bantams can be a real relaxing hobby. Anyone that is currently doing this we welcome any comments or questions. We plan this on being a information sharing experience for young and old alike. We started in the hobby about 2 years ago and have been exhibiting since. We currently have whites, buffs, blues and reds. We have been most successful with the whites.

Silkie Bantam Articles

If you wish to have your comments or questions listed on this page feel free to submit them to me. If you have read any articles/books about Silkie Bantams that might be of interest let us know and we will pass it on. If you would like to send a little history about yourself and why you enjoy them we will file it and share at different times. We saw our first Silkies at a friends house and were impressed on how friendly they were in addition to what good brooders they are. Sometimes they don't know enough to get off the nest to eat. I have lost a couple real good hens because of it. Please share your experiences and it might help others.

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